Work in All Dimensions with Precision

High Precision 3D Point Cloud Models

Three-dimensional point clouds of entire buildings. Measure everything on this model; its high resolution makes surfaces look seamless. AutoCAD ready.


3D Assets (Point Clouds)

Collection of AutoCAD ready 3D objects. Each asset can be manipulated individually (copy, rotate, scale, etc) within CAD. Design entire layouts in 3D with fast model capture time.


360° Panoramas

Panoramic photographs similar to Google Street View, light-weight and easy to undersatnd. Bring entire buildings into conference rooms to measure anything with accuracy.


Up-to-date 2D Layout

CAD file with 2D geometry representative of the current layout conditions. Each 2D object is defined by the points captured with high precision instruments.


Available Services

Stakeout (CAD to Floor)

We locate design points from CAD programs on the floor of a building (interior or exterior).
Using Total Robotic Stations (RTS), we transfer points with x, y, z coordinates to their exact location in real life. The main advantages of this service are:

1. Speed – Entire production lines can be “drawn” on the floor in a matter of hours.

2. Precision – Our instruments work with millimeter precision and, since a single operator does the work, the number of errors are considerably reduced.

Worksite Progress Monitoring

We carry out several laser scanning sessions during construction work, remodeling, or changes of layout. Each session is generated in 3D point cloud format.

Obtaining multiple scans over the life of a project allows stakeholders to frequently evaluate if changes to a work site adhere as closely as possible to the digital models from which the project was based. In case of discrepancies between the work and the “guide” plans, these can be resolved in time to avoid costly changes later in the project.

Online Resources

Access to training portals with documents and videos on the use and application of our products.

In-person Training

The training is a 3-4 hour session for plant personnel directly involved in the use of our advanced products.


Watch a personalized demonstration

We’ll schedule an online presentation so you can get to know our products and how they can be applied to your processes.

“Our main objective at Geedop is to produce a digital building layout that accurately represents the true location and dimensions of assets and structures of any industrial facility, and that can be used by people from any professional area within the company to make decisions based on information that is up-to-date.”




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