Indoor 3D Capture and Modeling


Geedop Geospatial specializes in the capture, processing and analysis of spatial data. Our main work revolves around the engineering needs of manufacturing facilities and plants.

We Deliver High-Precision
Digital CAD Products

Complete Building 3D Model


3D Assets

360° Panoramas

Up-to-date 2D Layouts

Moving Production Lines Across Buildings?

Use our 3D Capture services to get everything measured and ready before the move.

Full 3D Models within Days using 3D Laser Scanning Technology


  • We capture all details in a single session

  • All measurements available all the time

  • Millimiter precision

  • Works in CAD

  • Save resources usually spent on errors and corrections

  • Allow engineers and project stakeholders to collaborate remotely


“Timely and precise information gives us the power to make meaningful decisions.”

– Geedop Geospatial

Watch a Personalized Demonstration

We’ll schedule an online presentation so you can get to know our products how they can be applied to your processes.

“Our main objective at Geedop is to produce a digital building layout that accurately represents the true location and dimensions of assets and structures of any industrial facility, and that can be used by people from any professional area within the company to make decisions based on information that is up-to-date.”




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